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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject outstanding rename items
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:12:09 GMT
ok, with the rename merged to trunk there are still a few things outstanding
that I can see.

  o - I assumed that 3.08 would be "fixed" wrt the Apache2:: stuff,
but there's really no way to be sure.  I'm going to take this on and try to
discuss things with lincoln a bit to see what he wants to do.

  o t/response/TestApache2 - I think we can move these back to
t/response/TestApache, since the tests represent testing things about Apache
the server, not Apache2:: the namespace

  o docs - and lots of them.  we need to port docs/ over to the new
namespace and write a porting doc that outlines the changes folks will need
to do moving forward.

anything else?


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