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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: can't deal with ithreads, need Test::More
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 00:34:44 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>>As we start adding tests running in ithreads, we no longer can use
>>, which can't deal with the test counter. when several threads
>>print 'ok 1' we get:
>>ok 136
>>Test output counter mismatch [test 277]
>>since in each thread,'s counter has a different value.
>>Test::More has it right (via Test::Builder). So one possibility is for
>>mp2 test suite to switch to Test::More. The problems with that approach is:
>>1) syntax of ok and skip aren't 100% compatible between Test::More and
>>Test (but we can deal with that by adjusting our tests where needed).
>>Prototype mismatch: sub Apache::Test::ok ($;$$) vs ($;$) at
>>/home/stas/ line 75
>>Prototype mismatch: sub Apache::Test::skip ($;$$$) vs none at
>>/home/stas/ line 75
>   use Apache::Test qw(:withtestmore);
> should remedy this.

I was already using:

   use Apache::Test '-withtestmore'

Same problem, since when run under mod_perl, you must have *all* tests 
loading the above. If not (and some loads you get the redefining 
stuff, I think.

>>2) Test::More relies on Test::Builder, I see that some important fixes
>>due to which we have to switch to T-M require Test-Builder 0.47 (Aug
>>2002), but looking up the changes list, it seems that many more ithreads
>>related bugs were fixed in the very recent versions. So it's possible
>>that we need at least 0.51 Nov 2004). 
> fwiw, 0.49 is required under persistent environments (eg server-side tests),
> but I guess you're doing this *.t so you're ok.

No, it needs to be on the server side. I just started with external .t 
tests to test faster.

>>That means that the test suite now
>>will require a prerequisite which most people won't have, making the
>>source build out of box w/o fetching some requirements impossible.
> unless you mean dropping support in Apache-Test, it doesn't mean
> this at all.  you can require Test::More from all.t for just the thread tests.

The threads tests will be everywhere. We need to test *all* mp2 classes 
under threads. the threads part will be just skipped if threads are not 

>>skipping those tests would suck, since we really need those threads
>>things to be tested.
> well, we can test them ourselves as best we can, but skipping tests on user
> platforms isn't all that bad.  a large percentage of people skip them
> routinely anyway, or don't care when they fail.  or at least I suspect as much.

I'd rather follow Adam's suggestion and bundle Test::More and have 
everybody run tests. This is because *we* test only very limited number of 
platforms and very few configurations.

>>A related issue: A-T's -withtestmore breaks the importing mechanism.
>>It's no longer possible to load A-T w/o importing all the symbols, i.e.:
>>use Apache::Test (-withtestmore);
> well, that's a feature, since that action is supposed to load all the
> symbols that don't collide with Test::More.  but why do you _not_ want to
> load them all?

I don't know. Why taking this an option away in case someone will need it 

>>forces the import of all. It probably should be moved to
>>Apache::TestMore instead.
> I'll think about that a bit and see if it can work the way I want it to -
> I've been using -withtestmore for about a year now and it seems to meet all
> my needs without issue.

Right, it does work for you. But do you agree that it partially breaks the 
import mechanism?

In any case having Apache::TestMore as a subclass of Apache::Test seems 
like a cleaner interface to me and simplifies the logic inside A-T::import.

Stas Bekman            JAm_pH ------> Just Another mod_perl Hacker     mod_perl Guide --->

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