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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: can't deal with ithreads, need Test::More
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 00:29:47 GMT
Adam Kennedy wrote:
> It's common practise for dists that need bleeding edge versions of 
> Test::... modules (or other things that are build-time and not run-time 
> dependencies) to /inc'lude them in the distribution but not need to 
> install them.

That's a good idea, Adam. Not sure how many other prerequisites we will 
need to bundle and maintain (=sync once in a while) in order to get 

> Just make sure that the indexer will ignore them properly if the mp2 
> dist itself is going to end up CPAN'ed.

that's easy. We already have t/lib which is used for helper modules, 
specific to our test suite.

> Adam K
>> 2) Test::More relies on Test::Builder, I see that some important fixes 
>> due to which we have to switch to T-M require Test-Builder 0.47 (Aug 
>> 2002), but looking up the changes list, it seems that many more 
>> ithreads related bugs were fixed in the very recent versions. So it's 
>> possible that we need at least 0.51 Nov 2004). That means that the 
>> test suite now will require a prerequisite which most people won't 
>> have, making the source build out of box w/o fetching some 
>> requirements impossible. And skipping those tests would suck, since we 
>> really need those threads things to be tested.

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