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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] s/Apache::/Apache2::/g
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 23:37:45 GMT

> OK, so you clearly win. surprise, surprise :)

well, there are still some outstanding votes.  and I wouldn't call it a
"win" - this isn't a competition.

> Please merge as soon as possible the rename branch with trunk since I
> have a lot of changes to apply against many files, so it'll save your time.

I won't be around this weekend, it being easter, so the earliest I'll be
able to do something is monday afternoon or so.  we should probably take the
time to outline a migration strategy as well.  something like

  - tag trunk
  - merge branch to trunk
  - tag trunk

so that it's easy to revert if we ever need to.

> Remember that the rename branch is not in sync with trunk. You will have
> to resync the two first. I think at least about 3 commits into the trunk
> weren't synced.

I'll need to get hold of someone who is familiar with svn to get the merge
right, since this aspect of svn is new to me.  that might take some time,
depending on who I catch on #asfinfra, but I'll do my best.  if you could be
kind enough to merge whatever is outstanding that would be a big help, though.


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