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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: mod_perl userbase care
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 19:22:14 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>>so, what specifically did you have in mind, on this single issue, when
>>>say that a rename will make matters worse than they are now?
>>You aren't planning for the future.
> I don't think that answers my question, but ok :)

What part have I missed?

The "the 50 million modules I need to use() just to
get my app working with mp2."? -- the problem doesn't exist, one can load 
all the modules at ones with: preload_all_modules()

>>Here is an example I've mentioned before. mp2.2 major release may be
>>required really soon if the filters stack will be changed in Apache 2.2,
>>since it'll make some of the filtering API different in an incompatible
>>way with 2.0. However 99% of the mp2.2 API will be 100% identical with
>>mp2.0 API. The current change will require that mp2.2 API will be
>>renamed again to Apache2_2:: and everybody will be forced to either
>>s/Apache2::/Apache2_2::/ if they wish to drop support for mp2.0
> I don't think that follows.  Apache2 would be perl hooks for the httpd 2.X
> server.  if httpd 2.2 or 2.6 contains changes that force an API change on
> mod_perl we get to decide what that means, and it doesn't necessarily mean
> we move to a major.minor scheme in our top-level namespace.

eh, are you suggesting that you could possible not to support Apache 2.2 
and higher? if you do, you will have to change the minor number (i.e. 
mp2.*2*), since there are incompatible changes for which you can't 
workaround in the mod_perl core.

> but let's consider 2.2 for a moment, and the future you are planning for.
> even without a namespace change how to you propose to handle 2.2?  say there
> is an Apache::Filter::foo in httpd 2.0 but not in httpd 2.2?  my point isn't
> to put you on the spot, but rather to illustrate that the problem you
> mention is a problem we will need to deal with regardless of our top-level
> namespace - keeping Apache:: doesn't make that issue go away.

I suggest to handle it just like it was discussed before. the mp2.0 forks 
into mp2.0 and mp2.2 branches, and two parallel versions are maintained. 
Assuming that the differences are minimal for the majority of users having
mp2.0 or mp2.2 will transparent. They will install either of the two and 
that's about it. If they want to have both, the only difference will be:

  PerlModule Apache2


   PerlModule Apache2_2

in their httpd.conf, and no changes on the application level will be 
required, unless someone uses the incompatible API.

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