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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: mod_perl userbase care
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 18:28:04 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>now, with a few little changes or sometimes with no changes at all
>>(depending on what API was used) they could have the code running under
>>mp1 and mp2. With this rename they either need to split their code and
>>maintain different versions, which are otherwise identical, or have an
>>unmaintable code at best.
> I just don't believe this at all, but let's examine it.
> from a strict "mp1 -> using mp2 for the absolute first time" how does a
> rename to Apache2:: make things worse?  from what I can see it's only these
> three cases
>   -, which is almost never called by name in any program
>   - Apache2->request, which has caveats in mp2 anyway, so doesn't directly port
>   - Apache2->server
> in my mind even the sum of these pales in comparison to the changes all
> authors will need to do wrt "the 50 million modules I need to use() just to
> get my app working with mp2."
> so, what specifically did you have in mind, on this single issue, when you
> say that a rename will make matters worse than they are now?

You aren't planning for the future. When a new even slightly incompatible 
release will be made, by doing the currently suggested change, you will be 
forced to rename all the APIs again. And again. And again. Even when more 
of the future major releases will be mostly back-compatible with older 
releases and for most developers won't otherwise require any work and 
maintenance pain to support more than one generation.

Here is an example I've mentioned before. mp2.2 major release may be 
required really soon if the filters stack will be changed in Apache 2.2, 
since it'll make some of the filtering API different in an incompatible 
way with 2.0. However 99% of the mp2.2 API will be 100% identical with 
mp2.0 API. The current change will require that mp2.2 API will be renamed 
again to Apache2_2:: and everybody will be forced to either 
s/Apache2::/Apache2_2::/ if they wish to drop support for mp2.0, or they 
will have to have some hell of

if (mp1)
elsif (mp2_0)
elsif (mp2_2)
elsif (mp2_N)
elsif (mpM_N)

all over their code, even though using the current mp2-RC4 will require 
none of this madness for most cases (at least not for the mp2.x major 

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