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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Test 1.21
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 14:57:07 GMT
a release candidate for Apache-Test 1.21 is now available.

please take the time to excercise the candidate through all your existing
applications that use Apache-Test and report back successes or failures.


Changes since 1.20:

fix Apache::TestConfig (was missing 'use lib' before using
lib::import) [William McKee <>]

TestConfigPerl will now configure mod_perl last, giving mod_perl
highest priority throughout the httpd lifecycle.  [Geoffrey Young]

Apache::TestConfig::untaint_path needs to remove empty entries in the
PATH list, since -T considers those tainted too. [Stas]

add Apache::TestHarnessPHP which allows for running client-side
scripts via php instead of perl.  [Geoffrey Young]

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