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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: dependency in Apache2::Status
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:02:22 GMT

> [...nice work!...]


> I'm curious why we want to create a "module-magic-number" like the 
> $API_VERSION you've got here.  Does it convey any useful information 
> beyond what's already in $VERSION? 

not really.  I guess I thought it was somewhat easier to parse than the
current $VERSION is all.
> Hmm, perhaps you are trying to kill two birds with one stone here
> (mp1-back-compat and future ABI changes in the httpd 2.x line)?
> If so, I think httpd handles ABI changes all by itself, by refusing 
> to even load ABI-incompatible modules.

well, I was thinking abi on from an perl or xs pov, which httpd wouldn't
cover.  but I guess you're right.

> As far as is concerned, it doesn't need this level of detail; 
> it just needs to know which mod_perl module to require.


>  An 
> "generation" integer would probably suffice for that (or even my old 
> "exists $ENV{MOD_PERL2}" idea).  IOW, here's my +1 for making the 
> if you prefer).

well, if we go that route I don't think we need anything beyond guaranteeing
that $ENV{MOD_PERL} is not only true, but will contain the version from here
on out.  but the idea I had was to present something that was clear and easy
to parse that modules could rely on going forward, the thought being that
"mod_perl/1.999_21-dev" wasn't nearly as clear or simple as "2.1" where 2
was some major revision (like mp2) and 1 was some minor API ideal.

so, I dunno.  perhaps we don't need the full major/minor bits a la httpd,
but something between "2" and "20050315.12"



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