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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r156534 - perl/modperl/branches/apache2-rename-unstable/t/filter/out_str_req_mix.t
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 00:27:30 GMT

Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Geoffrey Young <> writes:
>>> my $expected = 'This is a clear text';
>>> my $received = POST_BODY $location, content => $content;
>>>+chomp $received;
>>yeah, what's up with this?  I'm finding I need to do the same
>>with both_str_req_mix.t.  they both pass on trunk, so what's going on
> One of the sledgehammers I used for the first commit must 
> have appended trailing newline onto the end of clear.shtml.
> Since all the other files in the t/htdocs/includes directory
> have it, perhaps this was an omission in the original clear.shtml file?

as long as we can nail down a root cause I don't think it much matters.  we
can just chomp the output now that we know.


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