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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Apache-Test subdirectory has moved
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 23:49:47 GMT

>> if you don't find any with grep, then there are none. So we should add
>> one then :)


yes, now that it's officially ours we should do more to publicise it.

>>> additionally, we should probably update and
>>> create a
>>> home for Apache-Test under
>> I see that you added test/ but it's probably not the most intuitive
>> naming. I think is more sensible.

that's cool.

additionally I think we should have subdirectories for each of the supported

/Apache-Test/parrot (someday soon)

and so on.  in fact, it was the need for a home for php-related docs and
whatnot that prompted this move in the first place ;)

>> And maybe moving testing.pod there would be great too.
>> s/testing.pod/tutorial.pod/?

yes, specifically under /Apache-Test/perl was what I was going to suggest.

>> And of course links to it need to be adjusted too, to reflect the new
>> location. (and Apache/README and other docs, like .pm files)


> and probably a rewrite rule should be added too for those who link
> directly to that URL.

good idea.  from an .htaccess file or do we do that in the core httpd.conf?
> of course we could avoid all that, by keeping the tutorial where it is,
> and just add a link from config.cfg to it.

sure.  but what I'm hoping to accomplish is a more coherent set of
documentation for Apache-Test that transcends what we've done (and
documented well) over in mod_perl-land.  so shuffling things about would
help that I think.  you?


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