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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: ithreads.t again
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 01:43:51 GMT
Steve Hay wrote:

> Attached.

It won't apply for me, but I've tweaked it manually and committed.

> The test sequence that original patch was meant to fix (modules/reload 
> perl/api perl/ithreads) currently passes OK with the attached patch 
> applied (i.e. the original patch reverted), as do the two more recently 
> failing sequences (filter/in_error modules/reload perl/api 
> perl/ithreads, and filter/out_str_lc modules/reload perl/api 
> perl/ithreads), although the full test suite still fails if the 
> t/ithreads.t tests are included.

same here, but randomly. If I'll have time I'll try to get that win32-like 
pool perl patch working again (the one that Jan has submitted in chunks 
some time ago) and see if I can reproduce the failure in a more 
predictable way.

> The full test suite passes OK if the t/ithreads.t tests are skipped, though.

>>>I wonder if the real cause is anything to do with perlbug 34069 or 24254?
>>well, there are no threads involved there, so it could be something else.
> It's the same error message that I've seen, though.  Maybe we've just 
> been lucky in not seeing anything amiss with non-threaded stuff.  The 
> bug looks like a double-free error ($_ being freed twice - once by the 
> inner loop, once by the outer loop), which could well cause the sort of 
> "random" behaviour that we're seeing.
> I'd love to get that perl bug fixed and then see if our ithreads.t 
> problems go away.

Please let us know the outcome of that thread.

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