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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: ithreads.t again
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 00:38:51 GMT
Steve Hay wrote:

>>I've build 5.8.6 with mymalloc, but no difference with any of:
>>t/TEST -v filter/out_str_lc.แนซ modules/reload.t perl/api.t perl/ithreads.t
>>t/TEST -v filter/in_error.t modules/reload.t perl/api.t perl/ithreads.t
> Shame.  Thanks for trying anyway.
> Interestingly, neither of the above sequences fail for me at the moment 
> either!  All that's changed is the addition of the Apache::Reload patch 
> to modperl_util.c plus the accompanying test (adding "sub promised;" to 
> t/modules/reload.t).  Reverting the modperl_util.c change makes no 
> difference to this, but reverting the reload.t change makes the failures 
> re-appear!
> It looks more and more like some random memory corruption, just like the 
> random failures that you find on Linux.  Maybe Win32 sets thing up in 
> memory the same way each time I run the program, but is sensitive to 
> very slight changes in the program being run, whereas Linux doesn't even 
> set things up the same each time anyway?

Frankly I have no idea.

As mentioned before I'm planning to start writing lots of new tests solely 
to excercise mp2/APR API under threads. I'm looking forward to having a 
lot of "fun" :)

> In fact, I think an earlier change that was made to APR::Error::str() to 
> have it sprintf() into a lexical $str and return that, rather than just 
> doing "return sprintf ...", looks like it was unnecessary.  Both of the 
> above test sequences still succeed at the moment for me even with that 
> change reverted :(  It must just have been a fluke that it fixed things 
> at the time.

in which case we should revert that. Please post a patch that still works 
for you.

> I wonder if the real cause is anything to do with perlbug 34069 or 24254?

well, there are no threads involved there, so it could be something else.

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