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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: ithreads.t again
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2005 00:53:08 GMT
Steve Hay wrote:
> One thought that I just about this stuff:  I know that Linux users have 
> always been unable to reproduce this behaviour.  Which malloc() are you 
> using?  I'm using Perl's malloc() now (although admittedly I was using 
> the system malloc() before).  If you're using the system malloc() it 
> might just be worth a try with Perl's  malloc() instead to see if it 
> makes any difference.

I've build 5.8.6 with mymalloc, but no difference with any of:

t/TEST -v filter/out_str_lc.แนซ modules/reload.t perl/api.t perl/ithreads.t
t/TEST -v filter/in_error.t modules/reload.t perl/api.t perl/ithreads.t

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