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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: ithreads.t again
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 15:04:41 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

>Steve Hay wrote:
>>One thought that I just about this stuff:  I know that Linux users have 
>>always been unable to reproduce this behaviour.  Which malloc() are you 
>>using?  I'm using Perl's malloc() now (although admittedly I was using 
>>the system malloc() before).  If you're using the system malloc() it 
>>might just be worth a try with Perl's  malloc() instead to see if it 
>>makes any difference.
>I'll try to build one with perl's malloc over the weekend and will let you 
>know how it goes.

One other idea that might be worth looking into:  could it be something 
to do with tainting?

The reason that I suggest this is that t/filter/TestFilter/ 
contains this:

    # cause taint problems, as there was a bug (panic: POPSTACK)
    # caused when APR/ was attempted to be loaded from
    # $r->read() when the latter was trying to croak about the failed
    # read, due to the filter returning 500
    eval { system('echo', 'hello') };

and if I comment-out that eval {} line then the failing test sequence 
(filter/in_error modules/reload perl/api perl/ithreads) now succeeds 
(with no premature frees / leaked scalars).  There was some discussion 
about the POPSTACK bug referred to above here:
I didn't follow it all, but it seems to relate to the timing of loading 
APR::Error.  That could also be relevant, given that the warnings 
causing my ithreads crash relate to the stringification of an APR:Error 
object.  Was the APR::Error loading issue ever fully resolved?

Furthermore, here's another test sequence that fails: filter/out_str_lc 
modules/reload perl/api perl/ithreads.  Again, the filter test in that 
sequence involves tainting.  If I make the following change to remove 
the tainting:

Index: t/filter/TestFilter/
--- t/filter/TestFilter/   (revision 151330)
+++ t/filter/TestFilter/   (working copy)
@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@

     while ($filter->read(my $buffer, 1024)) {

-        # test that read() returns tainted data
-        die "read() has returned untainted data"
-            unless TestCommon::Utils::is_tainted($buffer);
+        # untaint the data
+        $buffer =~ /^(.*)$/;
+        $buffer = $1;

         $filter->print(lc $buffer);

then that test sequence now succeeds too.

- Steve

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