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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Problem with Apache::Reload in mp2?
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 13:03:57 GMT
The mp2 test suite contains a test for Apache::Reload, but it doesn't 
seem to test unloading a modules with an XS component, unless I'm 
missing something.

Applying the attached changes alters the test so that instead of 
unloading the tiny pure-Perl Apache::Reload::Test module, it now tries 
to unload the Storable module (having loaded it up earlier, of course).  
It also changes modperl_util.c for debugging purposes...

With these changes in place I now find that running "perl t/TEST 
modules/reload.t" crashes in test 3 (the one which is now trying to 
unload Storable).

I get an access violation on the HvNAME(stash_hv) call.  Unfortunately, 
I couldn't see where the prior sv_dump(val)'s output went, but walking 
through sv_dump() it seems to be saying

SV = IV(0x6c7a20c) at 0x7a388c8
    REFCNT = 1
    FLAGS = (IOK, pIOK)
    IV = -1

The access violation occurs because "stash_hv" is invalid (0xffffffff).  
Here's the stack trace:

modperl_package_clear_stash(interpreter * 0x04e47ed8, const char * 
0x0789e188) line 780
modperl_package_unload(interpreter * 0x04e47ed8, const char * 
0x0789e188) line 798 + 13 bytes
XS_List__Util_min(interpreter * 0x04e47ed8, cv * 0x06c9de3c) line 127 + 
24 bytes
Perl_pp_entersub(interpreter * 0x04e47ed8) line 2890 + 16 bytes
Perl_runops_debug(interpreter * 0x04e47ed8) line 1449 + 13 bytes
S_call_body(interpreter * 0x04e47ed8, op * 0x09e9fd4c, int 0) line 2298 
+ 13 bytes
Perl_call_sv(interpreter * 0x04e47ed8, sv * 0x07a3c744, long 4) line 
2216 + 15 bytes
modperl_callback(interpreter * 0x04e47ed8, modperl_handler_t * 
0x04eae760, apr_pool_t * 0x04ea0490, request_rec * 0x04ea04c8, 
server_rec * 0x0027c6b0, av * 0x06ca385c) line 100 + 17 bytes
modperl_callback_run_handlers(int 6, int 4, request_rec * 0x04ea04c8, 
conn_rec * 0x00000000, server_rec * 0x0027c6b0, apr_pool_t * 0x00000000, 
apr_pool_t * 0x00000000, apr_pool_t * 0x00000000, int 1) line 261 + 35 bytes
modperl_callback_per_dir(int 6, request_rec * 0x04ea04c8, int 1) line 
370 + 34 bytes
modperl_response_handler_run(request_rec * 0x04ea04c8, int 1) line 978 + 
13 bytes
modperl_response_handler(request_rec * 0x04ea04c8) line 1018 + 11 bytes
ap_run_handler(request_rec * 0x04ea04c8) line 152 + 31 bytes
ap_invoke_handler(request_rec * 0x6ff095e6) line 367
ap_process_http_connection(conn_rec * 0x6ff0411f) line 250 + 6 bytes
ap_run_process_connection(conn_rec * 0x04e9a510) line 42 + 31 bytes
ap_process_connection(conn_rec * 0x04e9a510, void * 0x04e9a440) line 175 
+ 6 bytes
worker_main(long 2009300920) line 729
MSVCRT! 77c37fb8()

At this point, "this_stash" and "package" are both "Storable" and "key" 
is "nstore".

So why did GvSTASH(val) return 0xffffffff?  Probably because the SV 
"val" is apparently the IV "-1", rather than a GV which I thought every 
value in a stash was supposed to be.  I tried casting "val" to a GV like so:

    GV *val = (GV *)hv_iterval(stash, he);

but it made no difference.

Am I doing something completely wrong, or is there something amiss here?

Note that the problem, if there is one, does not affect all XS modules, 
e.g. using Digest::MD5, Encode or SDBM_File instead of Storable in the 
above all work fine, so it may not actually be anything to do with the 
XS component.

- Steve

Radan Computational Ltd.

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