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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [mp2] taking a step back?
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2005 07:46:23 GMT
Adam Kennedy <> writes:


> What is causing the biggest issue for me, as someone who as a rule
> _never_ gets involved in these kinds of things in public, is that he
> is willing to immediately and completely discount the opinions of
> everyone else, whether or not they are trying to have a reasonable
> discussion or not. 
> And what is SCARING the HELL out of me is that he is not even willing 
> to wait for a few days or weeks to have a proper discussion with those
> of us who _are_ reasonable most of the time.

Being driven by fear is something we should try hard to avoid.
There is no reason whatsoever to be afraid of seeing more 
candidates, while also discussing the current issues that have
arisen during the process.  It is clear that the Apache::Resource 
indexing problem is currently our bug, and hopefully the next 
candidate will incorporate a fix for it.  But we're just aiming 
for "better than the last one, please test it" right now.

As to the rest of your email... I am simply unable to read anything
beyond the above paragraph.  I can appreciate that you're trying hard to
be helpful, but singling out any particular developer on an ASF project
is *never* the right thing to do.  The role of a release manager is a
damned tricky role to play, and we won't be making it any more difficult
by tossing tomatoes at the person volunteering.

It's the collective consciousness of this mailing list that you 
need to be addressing, not any particular person.  Here is a 
webpage that I hope will help you with the culture clash you must 
be experiencing:

None of the p5p/usenet/irc standard operating procedures apply 
here.  Had you had the time to lurk, there's no doubt you'd 
have picked up on the key differences which prevent folks like
me from reading emails like yours.  But I can appreciate that 
you've been thrust into a difficult situation.

I hope this helps.

Joe Schaefer

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