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From (Randal L. Schwartz)
Subject Re: Time for RC4?
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 16:07:19 GMT
>>>>> "Philippe" == Philippe M Chiasson <> writes:

Philippe> I think there has been enough important fixes since RC3 to make RC4.
Philippe> Unless anybody objects loudly, I'll be rolling out RC4 sometime tomorrow.

Does RC4 do anything to address the CPAN indexing issue and
incorrectly duplicated module names?

If not, please be sure that Andreas and the gang do not index this

Also, a proposal was promised about how these issues will be resolved.
I've not yet seen anything from the core team about the naming and
coexistance issues.

So, consider this a "loud objection" unless these issues are resolved,
and just not yet communicated.

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