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From (Randal L. Schwartz)
Subject Re: Time for RC4?
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 16:28:08 GMT
>>>>> "Geoffrey" == Geoffrey Young <> writes:

>> If not, please be sure that Andreas and the gang do not index this
>> release.

Geoffrey> I don't know whether previous release candidates have been
Geoffrey> indexed, but if they were then whether this one is indexed
Geoffrey> doesn't make any difference, does it?  that is, the "damage"
Geoffrey> has been done and nothing can really undo it at this point
Geoffrey> save some manual CPAN intervention, right?

Actually, we've got a problem right now with RC3... apparently,
Apache::PerlSections got indexed.  If you can fix that for RC4, great.

Geoffrey> so, rest assured that an official 2.0 will not be released
Geoffrey> until we have a solution to the namespace issue, but until
Geoffrey> then development will continue on other things as well.

Thank you.

Geoffrey> also, understand that the "solution" may not be one that
Geoffrey> _you_ (as any given individual who reads this, not just
Geoffrey> randal) particularly like, but rather one that the pmc
Geoffrey> thinks comes closest to satisfying all the different issues
Geoffrey> and needs of the community (which includes developers,
Geoffrey> users, CPAN tools, and other factors).  that is, please
Geoffrey> don't think that *poof* everything will be groovy when it's
Geoffrey> all over and then bad mouth things when it doesn't look like
Geoffrey> you expect it to look - everyone will have to compromise
Geoffrey> here, take a deep breath, and move on.

I completely understand this.  My main concern was to raise the issue
so that people knew there was an issue, and that there still is an
issue. :)

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