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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Time for RC4?
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 16:23:10 GMT

Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
>>>>>>"Philippe" == Philippe M Chiasson <> writes:
> Philippe> I think there has been enough important fixes since RC3 to make RC4.
> Philippe> Unless anybody objects loudly, I'll be rolling out RC4 sometime tomorrow.
> Does RC4 do anything to address the CPAN indexing issue and
> incorrectly duplicated module names?

no, because we haven't decided on a resolution yet.

> If not, please be sure that Andreas and the gang do not index this
> release.

I don't know whether previous release candidates have been indexed, but if
they were then whether this one is indexed doesn't make any difference, does
it?  that is, the "damage" has been done and nothing can really undo it at
this point save some manual CPAN intervention, right?

> Also, a proposal was promised about how these issues will be resolved.
> I've not yet seen anything from the core team about the naming and
> coexistance issues.

we're working on it.  please understand that this is not a simple issue, so
it will take time.

> So, consider this a "loud objection" unless these issues are resolved,
> and just not yet communicated.

development, such as the preparation of release candidates or other work,
will not stop just because the namespace issue is not resolved.  I fully
expect to see new release candidates rolling as the actual API gets more
solid, other important bugs (like segfaults) are fixed, and so on.

despite all the discussions of late, as has been mentioned before, there are
lots of people out there taking the time to test the 2.0 API for whom
namespaces just weren't an issue but things like the proper functioning of
$r->foo() was - the release candidates are targeted toward those people.

so, rest assured that an official 2.0 will not be released until we have a
solution to the namespace issue, but until then development will continue on
other things as well.

also, understand that the "solution" may not be one that _you_ (as any given
individual who reads this, not just randal) particularly like, but rather
one that the pmc thinks comes closest to satisfying all the different issues
and needs of the community (which includes developers, users, CPAN tools,
and other factors).  that is, please don't think that *poof* everything will
be groovy when it's all over and then bad mouth things when it doesn't look
like you expect it to look - everyone will have to compromise here, take a
deep breath, and move on.


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