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From Adam Kennedy <>
Subject Re: Solution to the Apache2 issue: Option 3
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 05:00:05 GMT
Well, there are two things here.

What I mean to say was that there is an emerging trend towards people 
using a separate Apache2 module anyway, regardless of whether it is the 
first Apache2:: or it is a web-server-driver type interfacing module 
from something like OpenFrame.

A search on shows a half-dozen or so Apache2 things.

As to the "locking" of namespaces, I don't believe it is possible, but 
most CPAN stuff like that works quite well by convention.

DBI::, PPI::, FSI:: (another upcoming project of mine) and a few other 
things state explicitly somewhere in the POD that "main namespace is for 
me, you go use ..."

DBI:: -> DBD:: (drivers) or DBIx:: (extensions)
PPI:: -> Perl:: (end-use modules)
FSI:: -> FSD:: (drivers)

So if you want to keep relatively strict control over Apache2:: for 
mod_perl's own use (for the potential Apache->Apache2 option) then it 
might be a good idea to provide some fairly straight forward information 
on this in the Apache2 module, and/or the mod_perl docs.

If of course by "lock" you mean "lock out" as in "we aren't going to let 
you make Apache2:: modules" then I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fly. :)

If Apache2/mod_perl states this clearly, and the majority of people know 
this, then anyone uploading an Apache2:: module without permission is 
going to be jumped on pretty quickly and will generally pull things from 
CPAN quite happily (Like last year when someone uploaded List::MoreUtils 
when there was an existing module List::MoreUtil)

The modules@ list, if they know about it, will also tend to discourage 
people doing bad things along the same lines.


Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Adam Kennedy <> writes:
> [...]
>>Incidently, it appears that this is already starting to happen in
>>CPAN, with a number of authors uploading Apache2 modules to specify
>>they work with the mod_perl 2 API.
> Hmm, can you give more details about this?  So far I only see
> Apache2::SOAP (which is Randy's module, I think) when I 
> type "i /Apache2/ " in the CPAN shell.  The other listings 
> I see (MasonX, OpenFrame, etc.) have a different package prefix, 
> so I don't see an immediate problem with those.
> I think that, no matter how the pmc resolves the namespace issue, 
> it will need to exercise some control over the things that CPAN 
> indexes under Apache2::.
> Is it possible to lock the Apache2:: namespace on CPAN somehow, 
> or is that already the case?

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