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From Adam Kennedy <>
Subject Re: [mp2] taking a step back?
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 05:53:35 GMT
> You really should get off Stas here.  He said clearly: do your homework.
> We discussed this issue (not the "whether to do it", but the "how") here
> not so long ago[1] ; nobody cared to comment and we failed to get to
> anything useful (short summary: either trading MP_INST_APACHE2 hack for
> a big mess or abandoning Apache::compat).
> Stop bitching, show the code.

I'd be more than happy to do so, assuming that I can buy myself enough 
time to actually take a look beyond more than just the symptoms, and 
have a look at the mod_perl internals properly.

And as long as I and a few others can have some time to examine the 
problem properly, I'm more than happy to act in a totally reasonable manner.

I also hope you will appreciate you are going into this release during a 
holiday period when some of us have less than ideal access to systems 
with which to do a proper analysis and test solutions.

And I'm not used to being summarily dismissed on a decision which is 
going to be largely irrevocable, and for which I have demonstrated 
potential fixes for the problems for which I haven't seen any 

A simple assurance from the PMC that you won't release before I've had a 
chance to get back to my office and address your problems properly.

I wouldn't be acting to extreme if I didn't feel like I'm racing the 
clock on this.

As for showing the code, here is a start.

Assuming you use Apache2::, as a fairly trivial demo I've created 
Apache2::GTopLimit 0.01, it took about 20 minutes to move it over, the 
new one uses a standard Module::Build script instead of the huge 
workaroundy thing that existed.

I'll throw it up as soon as I get back to the office next Monday, and 
you can check it out.


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