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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: [mp2] PAUSE indexer issues
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 07:33:40 GMT
On Sun, 26 Dec 2004, Stas Bekman wrote:

> The current state of things is as follows: we release
> things as they are, and it's up to users to request/demand
> to have PAUSE and CPAN clients fixed.

But how many users will be aware, or even suspect, that the
root of the issue is something so fundamental? They may
think their own CPAN/CPANPLUS installation is at fault
(which is not unheard of with tools as complex as these). Or
they may feel it a misconfiguration of the module they're
trying to install. Rather than being driven to complain,
this may drive them away ...

It seems apparent from the recent discussions that there's
no strong consensus on how to address this problem. Even if
there was, though, I imagine the implementation, and
subsequent propagation of new tools, would take time -
allowing multiple module versions is a major change, and
doing so in such a way so as to not break existing
CPAN-related tools would be tricky. And there's also the
question of efficiency - right now the shell on my
system uses about 40 MB of memory when loaded, and that's
just with the latest module/distribution versions.

In a similar spirit to the provision of mp2doc as a
solution to the problem of using 'perldoc' under mp2,
I'm wondering (out loud) if it might hasten an overall
solution to tbe CPAN/CPANPLUS problem by addressing it
initially just within mp2 itself. That is, have PAUSE
ignore all mp2-specific modules (they will still be
browseable via, so that existing mp1
users won't be confused. Instead, provide within the
mp2 sources an 'mp2cpan/mp2cpanp' script as an interface
to the CPAN/CPANPLUS shells just for installing mp2-specific
modules (which could require to adjust @INC,
if present). There's a number of tools at hand one can use:
- Module::Install, for customizing installations;
- META.yml files, for distribution information, even
if PAUSE doesn't recognize all fields;
- the possibility to generate, and place on CPAN, a
$CPAN/authors/S/SO/SOMEID/04moduledata.gz file that has the
desired information on mp2 modules. If nothing else, this
could be used just to "overload" the current information
in the $CPAN/modules/ indices for mp2-specific things
(eg, associate Apache::Request with libapreq2, rather
than with libapreq as $CPAN/modules/ does).

Of course, all this may be more trouble than it's worth, and
as Stas emphasizes, such workarounds may actually be
counter-productive. But if putting together a workable
solution along this, or some other, line is possible outside
of the standard PAUSE channels, integrating it at a later
point within PAUSE may be easier to accomplish. And it may
also make the transition to mp2 more transparent and easier
for the average user ...

best regards,

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