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From Salve J Nilsen <>
Subject Re: [mp2] PAUSE indexer issues
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 15:04:30 GMT

Suddenly, Stas Bekman uttered:
> Apache::VMonitor requires Apache-Scoreboard. There are two different 
> Apache-Scoreboard version on CPAN. If Apache-Scoreboard-2.02 is not 
> indexed, Apache::VMonitor for mp2 can't automatically satisfy its 
> prerequisites.

Would the following be a possible solution path?

  1. If possible, retract Apache-Scoreboard-2.02 from CPAN
  2. Update the MP1 version of Apache::Scoreboard package to include _both_
     MP1 and MP2-specific APIs (e.g. Apache::Scoreboard::MP1 and
     Apache::Scoreboard::MP2 modules.)
  3. Make it possible to specify which Apache::Scoreboard API one would
     like to use, and optionally do some rudimentary checks (e.g. check for
     $ENV{MOD_PERL} or equivalent,) and then inherit from the correct
  4. Do the same with other modules with this kind of namespace problem...

- Salve, shooting in the dark.

sub AUTOLOAD{$AUTOLOAD=~/.*::(\d+)/;seek(DATA,$1,0);print#  Salve Joshua Nilsen
getc DATA}$"="'};&{'";@_=unpack("C*",unpack("u*",':4@,$'.#     <>
'2!--"5-(50P%$PL,!0X354UC-PP%/0\`'."\n"));eval "&{'@_'}";   __END__ is near! :)

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