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From Pratik <>
Subject Re: [mp2 bug] Perl*Env issues
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 08:13:21 GMT
> PerlSetEnv was originally designed to make Env setting be visible before
> the response phase (which is what SetEnv did). So I think you are simply
> misusing this feature and the doc should just say, that PerlSetEnv takes
> effect only in post_config phase and drop any semi-complete support in
> <Perl> sections (i.e. dropping modperl_env_configure_server() completely).

I don't think that droping modperl_env_configure_server() completely
is a good idea. As it will also disable the use of PerlPassEnv in
config phase. And I am pretty sure that would break a lot of large
setups based on mod perl including ours.

We have a large setup based on mod perl. We are running a couple of
different applications which share common configuration file.

The sample configuration file which I assume to be pretty common, can
be something like below :

PerlPassEnv APP_HOME
@Include = "$ENV{APP_HOME}/conf/common.conf";

PerlPassEnv HOME
PerlPassEnv PORT
$ServerRoot = $ENV{HOME} . "/web";
$DocumentRoot = $ENV{HOME} . "/web/public" ;
$Listen = $ENV{PORT};

There could be certain operations dealing with $ENV{PATH} and
$ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} in the commong.conf file.


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