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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [mp2] PAUSE indexer issues
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 01:49:37 GMT
Stas Bekman <> writes:

> Joe Schaefer wrote:
>> Stas Bekman <> writes:
>> [...]
>>>1) doesn't exit. Renaming the distro to mod_perl2 won't
>>>make any difference, since indexer does not look at the distro name.
>> That is a minor quibble; certainly we could create a vacuous
>>>mod_perl2 module if we really wanted to.
> This is a really bad workaround, IMHO. As it breaks all the paradigms
> to start with.

There's always the existing if you don't like the 
"mod_perl2" hack; that way no renaming is necessary.

>>>2) this it's not going to help other modules. Example: there are two
>>>internally incompatible versions of Apache-Scoreboard (but which
>>>otherwise work identically for users):
>>>Apache::VMonitor requires that module, how is it going to resolve the
>>>dependency if it's not indexed?
>> The same way it did before the mp2 candidates started showing up on
>> CPAN.  If your next release of Apache-Scoreboard used this patch
>> in its META.yml
>>   requires:
>>       Apache::Test           1.10
>> -     mod_perl:              1.9917
>> +     mod_perl2:             2.00  and the mp2 final release provided the
>> mod_perl2 package, that'd do exactly what you wanted, no?
> You've missed the point, Joe. It has nothing to do with modperl-core.
> Apache::VMonitor requires Apache-Scoreboard. There are two different
> Apache-Scoreboard version on CPAN. If Apache-Scoreboard-2.02 is not indexed,
> Apache::VMonitor for mp2 can't automatically satisfy its prerequisites.

But the Apache::VMonitor on CPAN supports both mp1 and mp2, right?
So if Apache-Scoreboard-2.02 is not indexed, Apache::VMonitor accepts
the indexed one for mp1: Apache-Scoreboard-0.10.  However, I'm not
arguing that Apache-Scoreboard-2.02 remain unindexed; I'm only talking
about the modules common to both mp1 and mp2 distros.  What the
author of Apache::Scoreboard does is entirely up to you, but
if I were you, I would leave Apache-Scoreboard-2.02 indexed.

To be clear, I've been under the assumption that the mp2 developers
were/are assuming multi-version CPAN support was/is going to happen.
All I'm suggesting is that, now that we are reasonably certain about
CPAN's (lack of) functionality, that some reaffirmation of the 
mp2 release plan takes place.  At the very least it will ensure 
that the apreq'ers are in sync with the modperl'ers.

Joe Schaefer

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