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From (Randal L. Schwartz)
Subject Re: [mp2] PAUSE indexer issues
Date Sun, 26 Dec 2004 20:27:40 GMT
>>>>> "Stas" == Stas Bekman <> writes:

Stas> why not? Why mp1 should be favored above mp2? mp2 is here to stay, mp1
Stas> is there to go. So if PAUSE doesn't want to index both, it should be
Stas> mp2, IMHO.

Stas, you keep saying this enough, and you might eventually believe it,
but you are very wrong here.

mp1 will be solidly in use for at least another year after mp2 goes
final.  Especially considering that things aren't trivially upward
compatible, you also will have machines that have *both* installed to
perform the changework necessary for migration.

You *must* provide a way for coexistance, keeping in mind the entire
toolchain that expects one @INC per Perl installation: PAUSE indexing,
CPAN installation tools, perldoc, and manpages.  You can't ask the world
to change just to accomodate your mistaken assumption that mp2 is a drop-in
replacement for mp1, because it's not.

The current "use Apache2" solution will not fly.  See my note "use
Apache2 considered harmful" on P5P.

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