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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Some questions about mod_perl 2.0]
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 04:55:05 GMT
Adam Kennedy wrote:

>>>> =item * Distributors
>>>> Distributors should mark the different generations of mod_perl as
>>>> conflicting, so only one version can be installed using the binary
>>>> package. Users requiring more than one installation should do a manual
>>>> install.

 >>> So I presume this would apply to all of Apache-related CPAN modules
 >>> as well?
 >>> Wouldn't this mean that people like debian are going to have
 >>> libapache-module-perl and libapache2-module-perl and have them marked
 >>> as conflicting?

In order to have any of the packages installed they need to have the 
correct modperl package installed. So there is no need to mark the 3rd 
party modules as conflicting, since their most important prerequisite (the 
modperl-core) is already handling that.

But again, this is just an idea so far. If I were the packager I'd do 
that. Of course real packagers can decide to use this suggestion or build 
all mp2 core and 3rd party modules into Apache2/ subdir, in which case the 
two will always co-exist.

The thing is: 99.9% of users need to have only one modperl generation, 
therefore I think the conflicting marking is the preferrable approach. But 
I could be wrong.

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