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From John Peacock <>
Subject Re: [Module::Build] Re: ModPerl::MB
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 02:42:05 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> Ken Williams wrote:
>> Um, doesn't that really break things (like, say, perl) that are 
>> looking for modules in @INC and not map( "$_/Apache2", @INC)?
> Break what things? Any perl program that wants to find mp2 modules 
> starts with 'use Apache2' or -MApache2.

What Stas means is that the Apache2 version of Apache::Resources (which 
conflicts with the mp1 module by the same name) will be installed _as if_ it 
were actually called Apache2::Apache::Resources and can only be accessed by 
doing the magical 'use Apache2;' beforehand (which fixes up @INC to DTRT).

Doing this is a matter of inserting /Apache2/ before the actual name of the 
module before installing it in the normal site_perl/blah directories.



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