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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] pool object dependant methods insanity
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 04:53:03 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:

>>>     $bucket->setaside($pool);
>>>that means "this bucket may need to live as long as this pool does".
>>>If we change the semantics to "this pool needs to live as long as
>>>this bucket does", IMO we've made a mistake. If you agree, then I
>>>think mpxs_APR__Bucket_setaside can be removed from the list.
>>I haven't analized the actual methods yet, other than checking that
>>they return an object.
>>I agree that this is a tricky issue with this method. But if you don't
>>tie the pool along with the setaside data, how is it going to be
>>preserved if the pool will be gone? the setaside data will become
>>corrupted, no? 
> Sure, that could happen.  Thinking about it a bit more, perhaps your
> first guess is right.  Restating the semantics with a cleaner 
> separation of (Perl) variable from (C) value:
>         $bucket->setaside($pool) means 
>   the apr_bucket_t attached to this APR::Bucket object needs to 
>   survive as long as the underlying apr_pool_t.  However, if
>   that apr_pool_t is owned by some APR::Pool object, that object
>   should [*] survive at least as long as the APR::Bucket object does.
> Agreed?  If so, then setaside() does belong on the list.
> [*] - "should", not "must", because people can always explicitly 
> destroy the pool.


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