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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: t/perl/ithreads.t revisited
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 12:35:27 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

>>I've been walking through things in the debugger, and I've determined 
>>that it crashes in while trying to require
>>I note that contains this comment:
>>    # threads must have been preloaded at the server startup for this
>>    # test (this is done at t/conf/
>>    require threads;
>>but the skeleton httpd.conf doesn't do this.  I added a "PerlModule 
>>threads" line to my extra.conf and tried again, but it didn't fix it :(
>>The full mp2 test suite's actual doesn't seem to 
>>contain anything that loads threads either :-s  Is something missing 
>>here, or is that comment merely bogus?
>Right, last night test_perl_ithreads moved to So 
>that note needs to be updated.
(It still hasn't been.)

>>[...] at this stage threads.dll has not been loaded by Apache.exe, so it 
>>is obviously during the loading of that DLL that it crashes.
>So do you get any difference if you load it at the server startup, like 
>mp2 test suite does?
No -- I said (above) adding "PerlModule threads" to extra.conf made no 

I also tried PerlRequire()'ing a script that calls test_perl_ithreads() 
to load, but that makes no difference either.

Anyway, I've made an interesting new discovery:  the ithreads.t test 
crashes the server because contains "use warnings FATAL => 
'all'".  Simply commenting-out that line, the skeleton test now succeeds!

The weird thing is that no warnings appear in the error_log.  So I added 
this instead of the use warnings line:

$SIG{__WARN__} = sub {
    open LOG, '>C:\\Temp\\stderr.txt';
    print LOG @_;
    close LOG;

and now I get this written to that log:

Attempt to free temp prematurely: SV 0x2fb241c, Perl interpreter: 
0x2fa6014 at 
C:/Temp/bug-reporting-skeleton-mp2/t/response/TestPerl/ line 70.

Why didn't that warning make it to the error_log?

Line 70 is the last line of this chunk:

        my $thr = threads->new(sub {
            my $tid = threads->self->tid;
            debug "2nd TID is $tid" if defined $tid;
            $counter_priv += $counter_priv for 1..10;
                lock $counter_shar;
                $counter_shar += $counter_shar for 1..10;

I see from the perl sources that the warning in question is only 
generated #ifdef DEBUGGING.  Is your perl a DEBUGGING build?  If not 
then that might be why you don't get this.

Here's the top (bottom?) of the call stack where that warning is emitted:

Perl_sv_free(interpreter * 0x02fa6014, sv * 0x02fb241c) line 5362
Perl_ithread_create(interpreter * 0x0270185c, sv * 0x00000000, char * 
0x0154bd2c, sv * 0x02b4977c, sv * 0x02b49794) line 470 + 13 bytes
XS_threads_new(interpreter * 0x0270185c, cv * 0x017308e8) line 681 + 36 
Perl_pp_entersub(interpreter * 0x0270185c) line 2857 + 16 bytes
Perl_runops_debug(interpreter * 0x0270185c) line 1442 + 13 bytes

Should the interpreter * passed to Perl_sv_free() be different to all 
the others in the calls above?  Where does Perl_sv_free() even get its 
aTHX_ from?  SvREFCNT_dec() doesn't pass it one.

There are some comments in perl (5.8.5)'s ext/threads/threads.xs, just 
above the SvREFCNT_dec() call (== Perl_sv_free() above) which might be 
of some interest?:

        /* The code below checks that anything living on
           the tmps stack and has been cloned (so it lives in the
           ptr_table) has a refcount higher than 0

           If the refcount is 0 it means that a something on the
           stack/context was holding a reference to it and
           since we init_stacks() in perl_clone that won't get
           cleaned and we will get a leaked scalar.
           The reason it was cloned was that it lived on the
           @_ stack.

           Example of this can be found in bugreport 15837
           where calls in the parameter list end up as a temp

           One could argue that this fix should be in perl_clone

- Steve

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