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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: moving mpxs_cleanup_t and mpxs_cleanup_run to modperl_common_util
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 06:30:22 GMT
[subject change]

Randy Kobes wrote:

>>The only minor problem is that I had to duplicate code from APR_Pool.h:
>>/* XXX: the mpxs_cleanup_t and mpxs_cleanup_run are almost dups with
>>  * code in APR__Pool.h (minus interpr member which is not used
>>  * here. They should be moved to modperl_common_util - the problem is
>>  * modperl_interp_t *, which can't live in modperl_common_* since it
>>  * creates a dependency on mod_perl. A possible solution is to use
>>  * void * for that slot and cast it to modperl_interp_t * when used
>>  */
>>Anybody wants to tackle this?  I think the pool stuff is still dependent
>>on mod_perl, since it has modperl_interp_t in it.
> Here's a partial stab at this, moving mpxs_cleanup_t to
> src/modules/perl/modperl_common_types.h:
> ======================================================================
> I'm looking at doing the same for mpxs_cleanup_run, but
> am having a problem at the moment with getting the
> declaration of modperl_opt_interp_unselect in the right
> place.

Thanks Randy.

Heh, I did that part too and but gave up on the modperl_opt_interp_unselect :)

What I don't get is how does it work now if APR::Pool references 
modperl_interp type inside of it and it sort of works w/o modperl.

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