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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: t/perl/ithreads.t revisited
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 18:14:22 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

>Steve Hay wrote:
>>Attached (hopefully) is a new tarball with a (simplified) 
>>HOW_TO_REPRODUCE file, and moved to t/lib/
>Your t/conf/ has hardcoded path and you miss PerlModule 
>Apache2. so it should be:
>PerlSwitches -I@ServerRoot@
>PerlSwitches -I@ServerRoot@/response
>PerlSwitches -I@ServerRoot@/lib
>PerlModule Apache2
>PerlModule Apache::RequestRec
>PerlModule Apache::TestHandler
>PerlModule APR::Table
>PerlModule TestPerl::hash_attack
OK.  New tarball attached for future ease of reference.  Still fails as 
before for me.

>As expected, I get no problem with this setup. :(
I've been walking through things in the debugger, and I've determined 
that it crashes in while trying to require

I note that contains this comment:

    # threads must have been preloaded at the server startup for this
    # test (this is done at t/conf/
    require threads;

but the skeleton httpd.conf doesn't do this.  I added a "PerlModule 
threads" line to my extra.conf and tried again, but it didn't fix it :(

The full mp2 test suite's actual doesn't seem to 
contain anything that loads threads either :-s  Is something missing 
here, or is that comment merely bogus?

Some more detail on where it crashes:

A while before the crash I have this call stack:

Perl_yyparse(interpreter * 0x021ce0f4) line 380
S_doeval(interpreter * 0x021ce0f4, int 0, op * * 0x00000000, cv * 
0x00000000, unsigned long 11501) line 2817 + 9 bytes
Perl_pp_require(interpreter * 0x021ce0f4) line 3314 + 102 bytes
modperl_pp_require(interpreter * 0x021ce0f4) line 69 + 10 bytes
Perl_runops_debug(interpreter * 0x021ce0f4) line 1442 + 13 bytes
S_call_body(interpreter * 0x021ce0f4, op * 0x04a3fd40, int 0) line 2288 
+ 13 bytes
Perl_call_sv(interpreter * 0x021ce0f4, sv * 0x02b240e8, long 4) line 
2206 + 15 bytes
modperl_callback(interpreter * 0x021ce0f4, modperl_handler_t * 
0x008fa698, apr_pool_t * 0x008eb3f8, request_rec * 0x008eb430, 
server_rec * 0x0029ce20, av * 0x02ad69ec) line 102 + 17 bytes
modperl_callback_run_handlers(int 6, int 4, request_rec * 0x008eb430, 
conn_rec * 0x00000000, server_rec * 0x0029ce20, apr_pool_t * 0x00000000, 
apr_pool_t * 0x00000000, apr_pool_t * 0x00000000, int 1) line 263 + 35 bytes
modperl_callback_per_dir(int 6, request_rec * 0x008eb430, int 1) line 
353 + 34 bytes
modperl_response_handler_run(request_rec * 0x008eb430, int 1) line 963 + 
13 bytes
modperl_response_handler(request_rec * 0x008eb430) line 1003 + 11 bytes
ap_run_handler(request_rec * 0x008eb430) line 152 + 78 bytes
ap_invoke_handler(request_rec * 0x008eb430) line 358 + 9 bytes
ap_process_request(request_rec * 0x008eb430) line 246 + 9 bytes
ap_process_http_connection(conn_rec * 0x008e73f8) line 250 + 9 bytes
ap_run_process_connection(conn_rec * 0x008e73f8) line 42 + 78 bytes
ap_process_connection(conn_rec * 0x008e73f8, void * 0x008e7328) line 177
worker_main(long 1) line 720
_threadstartex(void * 0x0029da38) line 212 + 13 bytes
KERNEL32! 77e7d33b()

where "name" in the Perl_pp_require() is "".  Stepping ouf of 
there back to Perl_runops_debug() I can then go back into 
Perl_pp_require() twice more: once for, then for

After that, it's a long trawl through the various ops (?) in the main 
loop within Perl_runops_debug().  Shortly before the crash we go into 
pp_method_named(); going into S_method_common() I see that the "name" is 
"bootstrap".  We then have these other ops:


It crashes within that last call, but I didn't catch where :(  I'll try 
again next week.

Anyway, you can see that contains:

require Exporter;
require DynaLoader;
bootstrap threads $VERSION;

and at this stage threads.dll has not been loaded by Apache.exe, so it 
is obviously during the loading of that DLL that it crashes.

- Steve

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