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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: win32 bb->cleanup crashes are still there?
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2004 05:34:59 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:

> Hi Stas,
>    This one crashes for me, after subtest 1. it's an access
> violation in libaprutil.lib - after calling it up in the
> debugger, tests 2 and 3 run, but fail ("HELLO" and "WORLD"
> are expected, but nothing is received).
>    I'll look at this further ...
> This one doesn't crash, but again tests 2 and 3 fail -
> "HELLO" and "WORLD" are expected, but nothing is received
> (ie, an empty string).
> This is with perl-5.8.4 and Apache/2.0.52, with today's
> svn mp2.

Thanks Randy!

I wonder what happens if someone writes this exact test in plain C. If it 
breaks the same way, then we can hand it over to httpd-dev to resolve. If 
it doesn't then we should see what gets on the way.

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