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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: plans for mp2.0.0 release schedule
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 06:51:29 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> There are a few issues left, which are hopefully will be resolved 
> shortly. I'd like to hear your opinion on RC1...N...release schedule.
> I see it as follows:
> Get RC1 out in a few days (even while we still have a few issues left, 
> but those are all new features (mostly not affecting the API), which 
> users will doubtly touch at the moment - e.g. pools scope issues, 
> APR::PerlIO)

Yes, as long as the API is frozen, I think a RC is imaginable.

> Releasing RC1 will give a green light for users to start porting their 
> apps to mp2, and I'm sure we will have plenty of things to fix for the 
> following few weeks after RC1 release.

Also a good point IMO. I am still hoping to get the time necessary to get
some sort of tinderbox up and running in the near future. That certainly
would help getting things like a RC thru a more thorough testing cycle.

> In the meantime we finish the remaining todo/release issues, polish the 
> issues reported by users, work on the docs and release new RC-X often 
> (let's say once a week).

Interesting idea, releasing a RC weekly ;-) It means I _really_ need to
get RELEASE instructions converted for SVN (I'll have it done by the end
of the week).

> In 2-4 weeks if things look good we get 2.0.0 out, if not we continue 
> the RC-X series until it's good. Most likely we will miss the X-Mas, but 
> it's not important, since nobody will work on X-Mas anyway.
> Your thoughts?

Hip, Hip, Hurray!

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