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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: t/modules/proxy.t fails with httpd-2.1
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 16:48:59 GMT

>>so, if I understand the debate, it's whether this ability should remain
>>solely with mod_proxy, or whether other modules should be allowed to decide
>>whether they should set 'ProxyRequest On' at runtime.
>>is that right?
> Yup.  

I guess I could go either way.  part of me thinks that this entire thing
should be pluggable, that modules other than mod_proxy should be able to
tell mod_proxy (or a different proxy module) to wake up and step in using a
common interface.  that's a pretty strong feeling, since it seems like a
nice architecture. but a cursory look at the proxy code seems to indicate
that it's not quite as simple as setting r->proxyreq any more, so things
start to fall apart.

on the other side, I'm not sure how many people are taking advantage of the
1.3 behavior - both the eagle book (IIRC) and cookbook say you need to
explicitly configure httpd.conf.

the only thing I would want to make sure of is that we can turn forward
proxying _off_.  that is, there are lots of examples out there on how to
intercept a proxy request and serve it up from disk instead of letting
mod_proxy farm it out.  _that_ is extremely valuable from a perl perspective.

> And to be clear: t/modules/proxy.t does not test the operation of
> a forward proxy - it tests the operation of a reverse proxy but sets
> r->proxyreq to the wrong value, which happened to work before.
> If it used r->proxyreq = PROXYREQ_REVERSE it should work again with the
> httpd trunk.

yes, I was waiting to change that until we sorted this all out.  thanks for
the reminder.


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