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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: t/modules/proxy.t fails with httpd-2.1
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 15:59:22 GMT

>> Well, convince me that it's useful decide it dynamically. If the client
>> is not configured to use the server as a forward proxy, and the server
>> is not configured up-front to act as a forward proxy, when does it make
>> sense to treat a request as being "forward proxied"?
>> Whether or not the server acts as a *reverse proxy* is of course
>> something the server can decide autonomously and hence dynamically at
>> run-time.
> I will let Geoff defend this one. Geoff is much better at this kind of
> debates than I am.

heh :)

I've been trying to grok joe's perspective here, all the while trying to
wrap my head around the issue (I almost always get the mechanics of the
different proxies mixed up :)

I think what joe is saying is that for a forward proxy to work two things
need to happen.

  - the client needs to be configured to use a proxy and send URIs in their
absolute form, with scheme, etc.

  - the server needs to be able to accept these requests, understand that
they are proxy requests (rather than just an absolute URI the server should
resolve locally)

now, I _think_ joes argument is that for the second part the server should
be required to set 'ProxyRequest On' in httpd.conf, which indicates the
arrangement the client and server have agreed upon.

so, if I understand the debate, it's whether this ability should remain
solely with mod_proxy, or whether other modules should be allowed to decide
whether they should set 'ProxyRequest On' at runtime.

is that right?


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