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From David Wheeler <>
Subject ModPerl::MB
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 17:43:46 GMT
Hi All,

So I've been talking to the mod_perl developers about providing 
installation tools built on top of Module::Build. Specifically, they 
have a module, ModPerl::MM, that can be used by CPAN modules built on 
top of mod_perl to build themselves. From what I understand, the whole 
point of that module is to detect when both mod_perl1 and mod_perl2 are 
installed, and, when they are, to add "Apache" to the install path 
before installing mod_perl2-specific modules. The documentation is 

Anyway, in talking to Stas and Geoff about providing the same 
functionality for modules that want to use Module::Build, the question 
came up as to how they should go about it. I think what makes the most 
sense is for a ModPerl::MB module to subclass Module::Build and 
override the appropriate method to append "Apache" to the install path 
when necessary. So the question is, what method and/or property should 
be overridden?



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