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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: [mp2] make test problems when configuring against source
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 04:53:38 GMT
On Tue, 30 Nov 2004, Stas Bekman wrote:

> Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
> > Stas Bekman wrote:
> >
> >> Randy Kobes wrote:
> >>
> >>> [...]
> >>> Is the thinking though to drop MP_AP_PREFIX? Win32 could use
> >>> the location of (an installed) apxs instead, if available,
> >>> but at present we don't assume apxs is present. Or one could
> >>> use the location of the installed Apache.exe - that would
> >>> probably be better.
> >>
> >> We are discussing to drop only for DSO. The static build will still
> >> use MP_AP_PREFIX.
> >>
> >> btw, what win32 sources are you talking about? httpd source?

Yes, I had in mind building against the httpd-2.0 sources.
At present this wasn't designed to work on Win32 -
MP_AP_PREFIX is assumed to be the top-level Apache2
installation directory. And as I mentioned earlier, I
think there's little motivation (in the Win32 world) to
change things so that it would build against the httpd-2.0

If MP_AP_PREFIX is enabled only for static builds, then
we'd have to find some variant to use for Win32. Or,
perhaps, if there's not too much branching, keep the
present meaning of MP_AP_PREFIX for Win32?

> >> An alternative solution is not to disable the DSO build
> >> against MP_AP_PREFIX, but die on 'make test' if it's
> >> attempted w/o specifying apxs and of course changing
> >> the perl Makefile.PL to ask for the apxs/httpd instead
> >> of the source.
> >
> > This solution sounds like a good one to me so far. Keeping MP_AP_PREFIX
> > is acceptable, it's just that instead of meaning "either an apache
> > installation
> > tree or an apache source", we'd make it an apache installation path
> > _unless_
> > it's a static build.
> Well, that's not exactly what I was suggesting. Let's no
> redefine the meaning of MP_AP_PREFIX on the fly, besides
> 'apache-installation-path' doesn't exist on most
> prepackaged distros, since things are spread around the
> system. I was talking to keep things as they are but
> refuse 'make test' w/o httpd passed and not ask for
> MP_AP_PREFIX if no args are passed to Makefile.PL, or ask
> for it, if the user has failed to path httpd/apxs values.

I think whatever is best for Unix would be fine for Win32.
Win32 installations are pretty standard, so specifying one
of MP_AP_PREFIX (the top-level installed directory) or the
path to the installed Apache.exe (or the path to an
installed apxs, if it exists) would allow us to find all the
path information needed to build and run the tests.

best regards,

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