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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] The various possible SVN layouts
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 06:05:01 GMT
David Wheeler <> writes:

> Actually, I think that if the httpd folks had heard Stas'
> argument that  modperl1, modperl1 and modperl-docs are three
> unrelated projects, 

modperl-1 differs from modperl-2 about as much as apache-1.3
differs from httpd-2.0.  It looks to me like both httpd and apr
followed the general pattern

        $pmc / $project

to name their repositories, reserving the branch/ subdir
for a project's historical versions.  Yes, this means
apache 1.3 is alongside 2.0 in httpd/httpd/branches.

This layout matches the fact that communities only 
develop one main codebase at a time, which is what
trunk/ represents.  Historical versions are maintained 
in branches/, and actual releases are just subdirs
that appear in the tags/ subdir.

svn isn't cvs, it's closer to a generic filesystem
that has versioning built into it.  There's nothing
special about the trunk/, tags/ and branches/ subdirs,
except in how people agree to use them (or not).

Joe Schaefer

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