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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] make test problems when configuring against source
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:10:45 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:

>>How can we possibly do that w/o knowing whether httpd was built at that
>>location at all and whether it's the right one? I think we should abolish
>>any builds with MP_AP_PREFIX, but for the static build.
>>Wasn't it win32 where this was required? Randy, do we need the
>>build-against-httpd-source functionality on win32?
> At present Win32 does use MP_AP_PREFIX for the location of
> the installed Apache2, and things such as the includes and
> lib directories are determined from it (and rely on the
> standard installation layout under MP_AP_PREFIX). It would
> take more work to get it to work with a Win32 source
> directory, but that's probably not worth it, as few users
> would use it, and plus, the Win32 sources have their own
> layout of where things lie (for mp1, it got to be quite
> intricate allowing both an installed and source apache
> tree).
> Is the thinking though to drop MP_AP_PREFIX? Win32 could use
> the location of (an installed) apxs instead, if available,
> but at present we don't assume apxs is present. Or one could
> use the location of the installed Apache.exe - that would
> probably be better.

We are discussing to drop only for DSO. The static build will still use 

btw, what win32 sources are you talking about? httpd source?

An alternative solution is not to disable the DSO build against
MP_AP_PREFIX, but die on 'make test' if it's attempted w/o specifying apxs 
and of course changing the perl Makefile.PL to ask for the apxs/httpd 
instead of the source.

That's probably the best solution.

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