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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] make test problems when configuring against source
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 22:07:12 GMT
Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>>> Anybody remembers how were we dealing with that before? I don't think 
>>> it has ever worked, besides when an explicit value of httpd was 
>>> passed to t/TEST.
> I think so too. I've managed to hack it up for the static build, with this
> snipped of code:
>     my $httpd = File::Spec->catfile($build->{MP_AP_PREFIX}, 'httpd');
>     $build->{'httpd'} = $httpd;
>     push @Apache::TestMM::Argv, ('httpd' => $httpd);
> But it's only being applied to static builds, guess we could push it up
> and apply it whenever MP_AP_PREFIX is a source dir.

How can we possibly do that w/o knowing whether httpd was built at that 
location at all and whether it's the right one? I think we should abolish 
any builds with MP_AP_PREFIX, but for the static build.

Wasn't it win32 where this was required? Randy, do we need the 
build-against-httpd-source functionality on win32?

>>> Do we need to support the build against the source for any other 
>>> reason than static build?
> Exactly! As I was thinking about this, I also realized : Why on earth would
> someone want to build against apache source if it wasn't for a static 
> build.

For example if someone wants to build a module to be distributed elsewhere?

>>> In any case we should handle that case at A-T level and spit the 
>>> right error message, like:
>>> ------------
>>> You have built mod_perl against httpd source, therefore it's not 
>>> possible to run the test suite. You need to install first httpd if 
>>> you haven't done so already. And run the test suite with:
>>>  APACHE_TEST_HTTPD=/path/to/installed/bin/httpd make test
>>> or rebuild mod_perl using the MP_APXS argument (see the installation 
>>> documentation for more details).
>>> ------------
> How about at just making building against source deprecated of sorts 
> with the
> only exception left being the static build ?

Let's disable it for now (w/o cutting out the functionality) and see if 
the patient screams or not.

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