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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: per-server cleanups core dump? geoff?
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 16:22:52 GMT

> So your goal is to be able to register some callback to run when the
> server restarts and not on every child_exit call.

yup.  at least if we want to offer the same functionality that mp1 offered.

but now that I'm thinking about it, the interpreter is fully destroyed on
restarts, right?  that is, a PerlModule will fully load a module both on
start _and_ on restart.  this wasn't true on static builds in mp1, which is
why it was necessary to schedule code callbacks at restart.

for instance, a restart callback could clear a cache or update a global
httpd.conf mtime.  but if PerlModule re-executes module init code on restart
then that could be the mechansim.  we just couldn't rely on that in mp1 so
we had to use a per-server cleanup.

> In case we don't find a good solution would it be a sufficient
> workaround to run a normal child_exit, but the code will skip all runs
> but the ones whose $$ is of the parent process? (not sure if the parent
> process actually runs child_exit, I think it doesn't).

I dunno.

> Sorry to hear that :(

me too.

> I'll handle that, I just want to understand what exactly I need to solve
> and get your feedback on it while I move on with it.

sure.  and thanks for doing all that you are.  you make the world a better
place :)


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