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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] The various possible SVN layouts
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 16:03:53 GMT

>> I think apr is most similar in this respect:
>>   apr/apr/
>>   apr/apr-util/
>> so I guess it makes sense to have
>>   /perl/modperl
>>   /perl/modperl-docs
>> however, both apr and httpd have put solid and currently maintained
>> branches
>> under /branches/, leaving /trunk for just the cvs HEAD equivalent.  
> APR is the least relevant example here, IMHO, since APR is the same
> thing (same origin), with different branches. modperl1 and modperl2 are
> not.

I meant similar in the sense that the top-level pmc is apr, and apr
encompasses both the apr and apr-util codebases/projects.

>> btw, might we want to (finally) adopt mod_perl in place of modperl?
> +1

excellent :)

> may be the following is better?
> /perl/mod_perl/docs
>                2.x
>                1.x
> /perl/embperl/...

I'll defer to everyone else now - whatever is fine with me.

that said, I've started a README-SVN document that is meant to outline
important bits of information for people with commit access and an
unfamiliarity with svn.  personally, I'm still confused how we're officially
supposed to get Apache-Test (I have it linked from httpd-test right now).

of course, I guess you could argue that to get README-SVN you would already
need svn access, but you could point users to viewcvs or whatever :)

anyway, it was just an idea - feel free to modify or remove it.


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