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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: svn and Apache-Test
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 22:24:07 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

> Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>> hi guys...
>>> I know that when we left apachecon there were still some issues with 
>>> mp2 and
>>> A-T.  did these ever resolve or do we still need to figure things out?
>>  [...]
>> Possibility #1: Use http:// urls
>>  Problems is for developers like us that want a read-write docs/ and 
>> Apache-Test/ directories we can
>>  change and checkin from, right ? (if that's not the case, this 
>> solution works)
> svn is primerily needed for developers and that should be the first 
> priority.

Also the way I felt.

>> Possibility #2: Use https://urls
>>  Problem is only that for read-only users, the added slowdown with 
>> using SSL is wasted on them, since
>>  http would work just fine for them.
> Go with #2, who cares about a little overhead, most people aren't 
> checking out the source via cvs/svn anyway.

I guess the only people who could raise an objection to this would be 
infrastructure folks, but unless we suddently
have 100s users all downloading mp-svn all at once, shouldn't be a problem.

>> After thinking about these quite a lot, I talked with a guy from SVN 
>> and he effictively told me: "externals
>> are broken and you should _not_ use them for this"
> Heh, so much for rushing to move to svn :( What does he mean "broken", 
> when I've asked last time on infrastructure, I was told that it 
> "externals" works just fine. If it's broken it should be fixed asap, 
> since the move to svn was approved after the promise was made that 
> things will just work.

Not to worry. I guess I paraphrased him a bit too simply. It's working 
fine, he just didn't like the way it was implemented and how
it was the source of little problems like the one we were facing. It's 
just a feature he thinks will need to be changed/improved in the
future. So, in a nutshell, it's not 'broken' ;-)

>> So, here comes Possibility #3:
>>  Don't use svn:externals and use svn switch. That allows grafting 
>> pieces of one repos into other parts of the
>> same repos. Yay! Only drawback is that now checkout can't just be 
>> automatic, there needs to be a small client-side
>> script (util/ for me now) that needs to be run once after 
>> checking out mp2 to issue the right svn switch commands.
>> Once that is done, ro/rw for developers/users works just fine. svn 
>> ci/diff/up also proprely propagete down these switched
>> repositories.
> Please don't. This makes things complicated and invited unnecessary 
> questions/problem reports for us to deal with. The snapshotting 
> mechanism will be broken as well.

Snapshots in are still coming off CVS 
and it's on infra's plate to get new scripts in place
to take care of snapshotting from SVN. (for instance, i'd expect 
repository $revision to be in the filename, like 
modperl-2.0-22293332.tgz) instead of the date.

>> I personally would be more or less with solution #1 or #3.
>> Thoughts? In any case, I've got it all done on my side, so whatever 
>> we pick, I can just make it so in 2 flick of the mouse.
> +1 for #2:

Coolio, I'll make it so later unless anybody else strongly objects or sth.

Gozer .

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