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From Radoslaw Zielinski <>
Subject Re: [apr] dropping Apache2/ subdir for APR::*
Date Sun, 21 Nov 2004 12:22:55 GMT
Stas Bekman <> [19-11-2004 21:51]:
> Radoslaw Zielinski wrote:
>> Stas Bekman <> [14-11-2004 17:05]:
>>> Radoslaw Zielinski wrote:
>> [...]
>>>>> to support this aliasing feature. Or do you suggest to just alias the

>>>>> namespaces?
>>>> Maybe I'm missing something.  I was thinking about just aliasing the
>>>> namespaces.
>>> It's a way more complicated than it seems to be at first sight. Search 
>>> the dev list's archives for EazyLife to see some of the problems.
>> Done...  OK, so AUTOLOAD is just a can of worms.
>> But, as the code we're trying to make work already knows which
>> modules does it need to work, we can try a different approach:
>> trap the "use Apache::OldName" calls with a subroutine ref in @INC.
>> Example implementation attached; would this work?
>> I actually don't really like it, as it's a hack, but... I can't see
>> how this could impact on anything.
>> Well, let's see what I've missed now ;-)
> IMHO, it's a waste of time to try to resolve the namespace issue before 
> the API incompability is resolved (which I doubt is possible or shouldn't 
> be even attempted)

Huh?  Resolving the namespace issue just removes the API incompatibility
problem, doesn't it?

>>> The problem is that mp1 and mp2 aren't fully compatible, and there is no 
>>> way to make them so 100%, mainly. So you have a problem here. You can't 
>>> run all mp1 and mp2 applications under the same interpreter. Again take a 
>>> look at lib/Apache/ %overridable_mp2_api and read:
>> I've seen it before and still don't see a problem, when we have *different
>> namespaces*.  I assume, that the compatibility layer is similar (in
>> effect, not necessarily the implementation) to the attached one.

>> Can the problem you're seeing be resolved by (I don't know how to do it
>> mod_perl-wide; maybe a per-VirtualHost/Location directive, telling mp2
>> to return objects blessed into a specific namespace for a given handler?):

>>   package handler_for_mp1_partially_ported_to_mp2;
>>   sub handler {
>>   my $r = bless shift, 'Apache::RequestRec'; # was Apache2::RequestRec
>>   # same thing with $c or whatever
>>   ...
> Have you read the URL quoted above? The two APIs behave totally different 

Yes, Stas, I have read it.  Several times, actually, to make sure
I haven't left out any unresolvable issues.  I really don't see any.
Could you name it?

> and it's not possible to figure out at run time, which API generation is 
> desired.

...I just don't see an easy way to resolve this one right now, if the
httpd.conf directive option I mentioned earlier is not acceptable /
possible.  But I think I'll figure something out.

> The code you've attached doesn't address that issue and it should be the 
> first issue to tackle. The rest is easier.


Radosław Zieliński <>
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