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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: [NOTICE] Subversion conversion
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 05:00:56 GMT

> > Also worth noting, we should be pigning Gerald to plan 
> moving embperl 
> > over to the perl svn repos as well.

That would be great. I am using svn all over the place for a long time and
Embperl is one of the last things where I need to deal with CVS, so I am
happy to move the Embperl repository to svn.

Embperl repository contains two branches (ep1 for Embperl 1 and main branch
for Embperl 2). It would be good to preserve them. There are some other old
branches, which could/should be deleted during the conversion.

Also my time is limited this week, I can help with the conversion (also the
mod_perl part) if desired.

> in fact the modperl-site repository should not be ported to 
> svn, but instead die. Gerald should move the embperl stuff 
> elsewhere. Gerald, feel free to suggest what you want to do 
> with it. Thanks.

Since I only use the modperl-site repositotry as transport for the Embperl
website, I can change to use scp to copy the content over. I just have to
check that I have the correct access rights.


P.S. Embperl is on the Apache site for a long time (must be about 7 years),
but it has never become a official Apache project. I had some mail exchange
with Doug about this topic (of course this was some time ago) where he said
that it would be possible to make Embperl an official Apache project. We
wanted to talk about this in detail on the ApacheCon two years ago, but he
didn't make it to the conference, so the thread got lost.

I don't know if there were discussions about having Perl subprojects in the
past, maybe it would be worth thinking about it.

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