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From Radoslaw Zielinski <>
Subject Re: [apr] dropping Apache2/ subdir for APR::*
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 01:41:04 GMT
Stas Bekman <> [02-07-2004 01:21]:
> Though let's think about the future now. What happens when APR 2 is 
> released (currently we have APR 1, don't confuse with Apache 2.x). How do 
> we ensure that several APR generations can co-exist under the same perl 
> install?

Sorry for warming up old threads, but I think it's worth to be noted: if
the two versions are incompatible, the proper solution is a namespace
change; in this case: APR2::* hierarchy.

A pity it hasn't been done with Apache::* modules, the MP_INST_APACHE2 +
"use Apache2" hack is a real pain in the ass for the distributors (like
Linux distributions).

Radosław Zieliński <>
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