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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: segfault in worker mpm
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 21:57:24 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Stas Bekman <> writes:
>>Joe Schaefer wrote:
> [...]
>>>mod_perl is trying to deparse the anonymous sub, and it needs
>>>B::Deparse for that.  (I'm still trying to grok the necessity/safety
>>>of the deparse.)
>>Right, that makes more sense. The necessity is explained in
>>modperl_handler.c, and pasted here for your convenience (and comments):
>>     /* XXX: perhaps we can optimize this further. At the moment when
>>      * perl w/ ithreads is used, we always deparse the anon subs
>>      * before storing them and then eval them each time they are
>>      * used. This is because we don't know whether the same perl that
>>      * compiled the anonymous sub is used to run it.
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Can you explain under what circumstance it actually happens, or even 
> matters?  AFAICT the sub is compiled into an optree as soon as the 
> module is loaded.  Here are the two cases I'm struggling to understand:
>   1) If the module loads before the interpreter are cloned, won't the cloning 
>      operation allow the anon sub to run safely in any interpreter?
>   2) If it isn't loaded before cloning, than doesn't each individual
>      interpreter load the module before running the code?  If so,  how
>      could the issue present itself in this case?

Very simple: modperl can't store those CVs, since it can store only one CV 
per handler, but there are many interpreters and each one of the them will 
have a different CV of the same compiled anon sub.

There are several cases we need to deal with.

1) compile time definition in the perl module

   $r->push_handlers(PerlTransHandler => sub { .... });

2) run time definition

   $r->push_handlers(PerlTransHandler => eval 'sub { .... }');

there is no way this can be precompiled before the run time.

3) .conf inlined handlers:

   PerlTransHandler 'sub { ... }'

Here the handler is not compiled until the run-time

Now, let's say we could somehow store those CVs in each interpreter, 
rather than mod_perl's handlers (which I can't see how is it possible w/o 
turning anon subs into named, which may have some bad side-effects. We 
still have problems:

if we have:

   PerlInterpScope handler

it's possible that the module was compiled during PerlTranshandler, by 
interpreter A, but interpreter B was selected to run PerlResponseHandler 
(which is the anon sub). What do we do now? B has no idea what that 
anon-sub is, as it didn't compile it.

At the moment the solution of B::Deparse "works" since mod_perl needs to 
store only one source per anon sub and each interpreter compiles it before 
running it.

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