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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: segfault in worker mpm
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 03:54:14 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Stas Bekman <> writes:
> [...]
>>>segfaults for me in the test suite.  Running the server under gdb
>>>indicates the segfault is happening during loading of B::Deparse on
>>>this line in the test-
>>>    $r->add_output_filter("out_filter");
>>And if you add it at the startup, it happens too. I think it tries to
>>deparse out_filter as a code string, instead of trying to get the code
> Oops, sorry-  I think I made a mistake about the failing line... 
> I think it's really the next one that segfaults:
>     # test adding anon sub
>     $r->add_output_filter(sub {
>         my $filter = shift;
>         while ($filter->read(my $buffer, 1024)) {
>             $buffer .= "end";
>             $filter->print($buffer);
>         }
>         return Apache::OK;
>     });
> mod_perl is trying to deparse the anonymous sub, and it needs
> B::Deparse for that.  (I'm still trying to grok the necessity/safety
> of the deparse.)  

Right, that makes more sense. The necessity is explained in 
modperl_handler.c, and pasted here for your convenience (and comments):

     /* XXX: perhaps we can optimize this further. At the moment when
      * perl w/ ithreads is used, we always deparse the anon subs
      * before storing them and then eval them each time they are
      * used. This is because we don't know whether the same perl that
      * compiled the anonymous sub is used to run it.
      * A possible optimization is to cache the CV and use that cached
      * value w/ or w/o deparsing at all if:
      * - the mpm is non-threaded mpm and no +Clone/+Parent is used
      *   (i.e. no perl pools) (no deparsing is needed at all)
      * - the interpreter that has supplied the anon cv is the same
      *   interpreter that is executing that cv (requires storing aTHX
      *   in the handler's struct) (need to deparse in case the
      *   interpreter gets switched)
      * - other cases?
     handler->cv = NULL;
     handler->name = modperl_coderef2text(aTHX_ p, cv);
     MP_TRACE_h(MP_FUNC, "[%s] new deparsed anon handler:\n%s\n",
                modperl_pid_tid(p), handler->name);

If you have a better idea that than, I'm all ears. I don't like using 
B::Deparse for production, and it's definitely much slower than compiled CV.

And if you do one, then there is no point debugging this issue, if it can 
be scratched altogether :)

> FWIW, the backtrace I get is identical to the one Joe Orton posted.  

Me too (now with Joe's hint).

> Lately I been finding it easier to get proper backtraces from the
> worker mpm by running the tests under gdb (nicely explained in 
> docs/devel/debug/c.pod) instead of trying to examine the core file.


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