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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: C-L issues in 2.1
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 21:39:48 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> hi all...
> ok, I've had the chance to look at t/apache/content_length_header.t and I
> _think_ I understand what the issues are.
> it all seems to come back to this change:
> it looks as though this single change affected 2.1 in that GET and HEAD
> requests can now be expected to behave exactly the same wrt the C-L header.
>  at least this is what our tests show - in 2.1 there is no difference at all
> between the C-L header that GET and HEAD produce.  overall a good thing, I'd
> think.
> the only thing that makes me uneasy is that, as illustrated by our tests,
> calling ap_set_content_length on a HEAD request, even when no bytes are
> sent, results in a set C-L header.  while I think this is the proper
> behavior, from the comments and the above patch it would seem that this was
> _not_ intended.  does r->bytes_sent include headers themselves?  if so, then
> it seems the logic in the above patch is wrong - I think he means to count
> the body?

so it's not proper then, try asking at httpd-dev? May be httpd-test should 
include tests for this case too?

> anyway, the attached patch passes for me on 2.0.52 and current 2.1.
> discussion welcome.

Geoff, can you please update the documentation?

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